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You're a warrior

Your scores indicate that you have unusually high resilience. There are not many who can claim this level of resilience. In my books that makes you a WARRIOR!

The truth is, having such unusually high levels of resilience is often gained through the school of hard knocks. Having survived hard times, you've added these experiences of overcoming adversity to your memory bank and it's a major component to your positive outlook.

Let's look at what makes you resilient and where you can continue to develop these skills - and perhaps encourage others in your life too. Read more below...

What are some of the core traits of a highly resilient individual?

You scored very highly in this quiz, indicating you're someone who seems to weather any storm with positivity, humour and curiosity. You’ve no doubt had to overcome your fair share of adversity. What’s different about you is that you don’t begrudge uncertainty or challenging times, rather you appreciate that life is sometimes hard and this provides you with opportunities to grow along the way. Here are some of the traits of highly resilient individuals. Keep building on these areas to continue thriving no matter what life throws your way!

Solid sense of self

Your ability to shake off personal attacks is based on the fact that you know who you are. You are not afraid to present your authentic self. You have a wonderful ability to laugh at yourself and your sense of humour is part of your armour in tough times.

You have a great support network

You have established a circle of trusted peers in whom you can freely express yourself with. It's likely that some of them do not see life in the same way you do - which you like as this allows you to constantly measure your thinking and decide if it's still relevant and reliable.

Deep empathy for others

While you're a self-starter, and able to follow your own ideals - you make space for others to share their views without judgement.

You're seen as a leader and are able to influence others easily because they realise you are trustworthy.

Creative problem solver

Crises ignites your creativity as you look how to solve the problem from many different angles. You're able to temper your emotions by focusing your energy on looking for viable solutions.

Change & uncertainty can't shake you

Some may even say that change is your super-power. You are very open to trying new things, challenging your own beliefs and adapting a strategy when it's required. 

Your outlook on life is generally positive

You wouldn't necessarily consider yourself as an optimist as you take a pragmatic approach to every situation. But you have confidence that no matter what life throws your way, you will find a way to adapt. You truly believe that you have the skills to overcome adversity, and that every challenge provides you with an opportunity for growth.

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