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You're a survivor

You are currently surviving, but not thriving. Learning about how to become more resilient will help you become increasingly life competent. Take heart! This page outlines some great tips to get you on the right track.

Your scores show that life is giving you a beating at the moment. What better time to start learning about what resilience is and how to build a skill set that will help you move from being a worrier into a WARRIOR! Read more below to find out exactly where to start!

What are the fundamental aspects of resilience that
will serve you now and in the future?

Start by appreciating that the battles you've faced will serve you in the future. Learning to overcome adversity is not as difficult as you may think. Use the tips below to gradually retrain your brain... instead of running and hiding from what is hard, see if you can approach challenges a little differently than you've done in the past.  A great attitude is the cornerstone to success! And before you know it you'll be seen as someone who faces all life's curve balls with  positivity, humour and curiosity. This is what defines a truly resilient individual! 

Accept and love who you are

Did you know that how you feel about yourself is a signal for how others should feel about you? When you learn to value your authentic self, your standards will automatically rise in terms of what you tolerate, appreciate and value. Adopt a playful attitude towards yourself, laugh at your mistakes and soon you will see yourself in a new light. Confidence will follow!

Allow yourself to make mistakes

What would happen if you ‘forgot’ how to do something and instead approached it with the playful curiosity of a child? By allowing yourself the grace to make mistakes, you will soon learn the value of experimenting – and perhaps discover a creativity you’ve stifled from fear of change!

Consider that change is opportunity

There are very few aspects of life that bring us true certainty. Instead of resisting change – why not try asking yourself "What could go wrong, so it can be avoided?"  This way, you are providing yourself with an opportunity to look for facts instead of being overwhelmed by emotions. Allow yourself the notion that change brings opportunity! By reflecting on new or unexpected experiences we can use them to grow. Simply ask yourself what the lesson was. Or look for the red flags you missed, so you can resolve to approach the next challenge differently.

Build strong trustworthy relationships & express your feelings honestly

Research into solidarity shows us that loners are more vulnerable to distressing conditions. This is because the freedom to express our feelings honestly with trusted peers brings greater perspective plus it increases feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

Start listening to your inner voice

When you are able to accept that your inner voice is a valid and helpful source of information you are able to question your beliefs without self-judgement. Listen to what your body is telling you. Question the seemingly random thoughts that pop into mind. Challenge your old habits by asking yourself “What if I did this instead?"

Adopt a pragmatic view centred in hope

As soon as you recognise negative, survival thinking – swap it out with a hopeful expectation that things will work out well. This is not being blindly optimistic but allows your internal values to steer you towards problem-solving instead of unhelpful self-preservation.

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