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You're a soldier

Your scores show that you have a good measure of resilience - more than most! There’s not much that can happen in your life that would break you.

Having a greater degree of resilience than most means it’s unlikely that life’s challenges would rattle you… you’ve probably got a few more battle wounds than your peers!

Read more below to identify which of the core traits of well-developed resilience in individuals you have mastered... and where you can focus to move from Soldier to Warrior!  

What are some of the core traits of well-developed resilience in individuals?

A resilient individual is known to face challenges with positivity, humour and curiosity. You're the kind of person who is pretty much always stable through times of uncertainty, relying on your instincts, support network and pure grit to see you through.  Your scores were very high, but how about moving from soldier to warrior? Here are some of the traits of highly resilient individuals. Here are some tips to help you focus on building the life skills needed to thrive no matter what! 

Self-assured in who you are

You are generally unafraid to make your views known, confident in your truth and ready to defend them. You often use humour in the face of adversity to keep yourself balanced.

You go with the flow

When things change course, you are able to pivot easily. You can cope with uncertainty better than most. You have a curious nature and your approach to a new project varies with how you instinctively feel. 

A team-player who cares
about others

It’s likely that you can easily sense the atmosphere in a room and adjust your approach accordingly. Sometimes you sacrifice your ideas for the good of the larger group and there are a few instances where you wish you had stood your ground a bit more, but in general you trust your instincts and they are usually spot-on.

Confident that you will weather most storms

You see problems as an opportunity to dig deep and show off your grit and determination! Your ability to bounce back quickly from loss is admired by others.

Express yourself easily & have solid relationships

Even if your support network is small, you know they are quality confidantes. You are typically open in expressing yourself and seeking help is not something you shy away from.

You love learning from others to expand your problem-solving skills

When faced with a situation you’ve never navigated before, you don’t hesitate to seek out the experiences of others. You assess their approach and successes and adapt according to your own personal style.

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