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You're a cadette

You are building resilience as you gain more experience of life. Stay the course, eventually these skills will see you thrive where most others will break.

Your scores show that resilience is something you’re learning to embrace. It’s possible you’ve faced some trying times and you’re starting to reflect on how you have grown from them.


Read below to learn what the steps are to move you forward from Cadette to Soldier... and finally on to WARRIOR!

What are some of the core traits of resilience
that you can focus on?

Start by appreciating that overcoming adversity is a massive piece of your armour for weathering the storms, you can start by leaning into what feels hard. Once you have mastered resilience, you will be known as  someone who faces challenges with positivity, humour and curiosity. What are some of the specifics you can work on? Take a look at these tips to help you focus on building more resilience. Afterall, who wouldn't want to thrive no matter what life throws our way?! 

Find your confidence in who you truly are

You already know how you feel about certain issues, you’ve done the homework and could easily defend yourself if challenged. It’s just a matter of releasing the worry that you won’t be accepted for having views that may oppose the masses. Find the joy in laughing at yourself, this will liberate you and set you on the right path!

Find your voice and leverage the benefits of trusting others

You’ve likely been let down by others in the past, but don’t let this give you the false belief that nobody can be trusted. Test it out by asking for help or sharing your disappointments with someone you have a good rapport with. You’ll be surprised at how willing people can be to share the human experience and offer support!

Balance your empathy without compromising on your beliefs

Are you able to see alternative perspectives, even those who are directly opposed to your views? The key is to look for a win-win attitude in avoiding or resolving conflicts. You can do this by asking what is legitimate about what they feel, say, and do without compromising on your truth.

Adopt a curious attitude in all you do

Do you typically approach problems in the same way regardless of their origin / impact? A great tactic to learning some new problem-solving skills is to do it like a kid! Ask an abundance of questions, be playful and don’t let any idea seem too far-fetched. That’s how you crack open your creativity and find new ways to overcome challenges!

Lean into change - let it teach you about how strong you are

Being adaptable is one of the most prominent traits of highly resilient individuals. They have learned that very little about life is certain and this makes them less affected by changes when they arise! By embracing change, and focusing on possible solutions, you will unlock an abundance of creativity – and you’ll probably realise you’re much stronger than you thought!

Remind yourself of the adversities you’ve already overcome

Have you found that in the midst of a storm you often get swept away by your emotions? By looking back on past successes over overcoming life’s hurdles, you can retrain your brain to see that “this too shall pass”.

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