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A little about me

I'm a mother, author, nature-lover and simply put - I thrive on improving life for those around me!  In 2018, I took the brave leap out of corporate business leadership to chase my dream of serving others. I embarked on a journey into life coaching in the modalities of NLP and Strategic Intervention.

Have you walked on fire? I can say that I have - more than once! With a strong mindset - anything is possible. As a regular on the Tony Robbins crew, I have had the pleasure of serving many success driven folk as they break through into the joy of what life brings them - including supporting hundreds to walk across burning coals!


When my search for child-friendly tools to help my daughter navigate some traumatic losses and experiences came up short, I decided to found a children's mental wellness company with online programs to meet this need.  I co-authored a highly acclaimed proprietary technology which is the ultimate answer to long term transformational change, healthy mental habits and resilience strategies for our children & youth.


In 2020 I brought a lifelong dream become a published author to life with my book “Within me - Every child’s secret to living an awesome life”

When I'm not doing mum-stuff, working with clients, or recoding a new course for kids, you'll find me elbow deep in dirt - determined to grow everything that's edible and healthy!

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